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Berwind Lake WMA Public Meeting June 24

Posted by: Holly Canfield on Fri, 20 June 2003 18:01:31 (4587 Reads)
State Parks

Another public meeting to discuss management issues at Berwind Lake Wildlife Management Area will be held Tuesday, June 24, at the War TEAM Center beginning at 6:00 p.m., according to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.

Robert Beanblossom, District Administrator for DNR’s Parks and Recreation Section in Charleston, WV, noted that there was considerable concern shown by the public for two particular management issues on the area at the last meeting. "One was the closing of the swimming pool and the other was the expiration of the lease of the Berwind Land Company," he stated. "We have largely resolved both issues."

Funding to renovate the swimming pool has already been earmarked for fiscal year 2004, and DNR’s Planning, Engineering, and Maintenance Section has already released a purchase order to secure the services of an architectural/engineering firm to prepare plans and specifications so that the project can be put out to bid. "We hope that by implementing the process before the actual beginning of the new fiscal year, we can expedite the situation and have the pool reopened sometime next summer," he added.

"We have also resolved the issue concerning the expiration of the lease," Beanblossom continued. Following a meeting with the DNR and Berwind Land Company officials, Delegate Emily Yeager and Senator John Pat Fanning in Charleston, Berwind Land Company has consented to renew their long-standing lease with the DNR. "We are pleased with this action on the part of Berwind Land Company," Beanblossom stated. "The company has been good to work with in the past and many of our more important management activities can continue."

Beanblossom stated that wildlife management and habitat improvement projects will be continued on the area as deemed appropriate and desirable by the Division of Natural Resources and Berwind Land Company. Such activities as the seeding of log roads and landings; mowing of new and established wildlife clearings; gating of roads to restrict vehicular access; and the development and maintenance of parking areas for hunters and anglers will enhance the overall outdoor experience for the many visitors who come there each year.

DNR’s efforts at enhanced forest fire prevention, surveillance, and patrol activities will continue by both the park superintendent and the wildlife manager assigned to the area. Beanblossom noted that the park superintendent, in cooperation with the Division of Forestry, is responsible for wildfire suppression activities on the area. He and his staff take initial action on any forest fire that occurs on or threatens the area. Traditionally, arson has been concentrated on the properties of absentee landowners. Berwind Land Company’s decision to enroll the lands in the state’s Wildlife Management Area Program will reduce fire occurrence and other illegal activities because of the DNR’s continued presence on the land under lease.


Hoy Murphy, Public Information Officer (304) 558-3380

Contact: Robert Beanblossom, Parks and Recreation Section (304) 558-2764

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